Follow-up nutrition counselling (30 - 45 minutes)  

  • Assess progress & barriers
  • Build upon nutrition advise
  • Revise meal/snack ideas
  • Support to stay motivated 


Looking for a meal plan for added support? Add a 7 day personalized meal plan for only $50. 

Recently presented for: 
  • Crohn's & Colitis Foundation of Canada Symposium 
  • Halfway River First Nations
  • Blueberry River First Nations
  • Hope for Health Society
  • City of Fort St. John/Healthy Living Alliance


Destyni Atchison RD

Corporate Clients

Help create a health-promoting work environment. By investing in healthier employees you are investing in increased productivity, reduced sick days and improved morale. Are Dietitians services part of your employee health insurance plans? They should be! Here's why:

Consider booking Destyni Atchison RD for your next wellness event. ​​Healthy cooking workshops can also be arranged if your group has access to kitchen facilities. 

Visit my contact page to inquire about booking and rates. 

​​Individual Clients

Your benefits plan may pay for all or a portion of your Registered Dietitian visits - check with your extended health care provider to see if you are covered. To be reimbursed for your visit simply submit your receipt from "Destyni Atchison RD" to your extended health care provider.

Dietitian visits are also tax deductible so save your receipts to be put towards your yearly medical expenses tax credit. 

I accept payments via cash, cheque or email transfer if you have scheduled a home visit or group presentation with me in the Fort St. John area. Payments will be accepted through email transfer for online sessions. 

Visit my contact page to inquire about bookings. 





Comprehensive nutrition assessment (1 hour)

  • Nutrition & lifestyle goals
  • Current eating habits
  • Supplements Review

Expert nutrition advice

  • Tailored to your lifestyle, preferences & nutrition needs
  • Summary of recommendations


​Nourish . Inspire . REnew 



Want a Dietitian's perspective or spin on things? I write for both print and online articles.
Visit my contact page to inquire about booking and rates. 

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*Best Value* 

  • Initial consultation (1 hour)
  • 2 x follow-up sessions (30 minutes each) 
  • Personalized 7 day mealplan